Woo with Wagyu! Waitrose launches British Wagyu Steaks

Waitrose & Partners is introducing British Wagyu* beef, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Famous for its buttery, rich umami flavour and tenderness, Wagyu is prized as a decadent cut of meat around the world.

The launch of four cuts on the meat counter of the supermarket comes as interest in steak, a well-known dish for romantic home-cooked dinners, piques in the UK. February is the busiest month of the year for Google searches related to steak; the phrase ‘how to cook steak’ was searched for over 27,000 times in February 2018. Wagyu beef’s reputation continues to soar too, as searches for the delicacy have increased by 214% in the last year on Waitrose.com.

Wagyu beef, a national treasure in its native Japan, refers to all Japanese beef cattle and possesses the characteristic fat marbling to give it a rich and succulent flavour. First made popular by high-end New York steak restaurants, the Japanese delicacy is now making its way into our kitchens as consumers try to replicate the fine dining experience at home.

Andy Boulton, Service Counter Buyer at Waitrose & Partners comments, “Many of our customers come to us for our specialist counters where they know they will find something inspirational, seasonal and delicious served by one of our expert Partners.  We are delighted to add British Wagyu steak as one of our hidden gems ensuring our counters remain a destination for something a little different.  We have worked really closely with our suppliers to ensure the excellent quality and amazing taste of our British Wagyu – it’s perfect for a weekend or Valentine’s Day treat.

Waitrose British Wagyu Beef is available on the counter in selected shops.

•    Waitrose & Partners British Wagyu Beef Chuck £32.99 per kg (average 200g steak costs £6.60)
•    Waitrose & Partners British Wagyu Beef Sirloin £69.99 per kg (average 200g steak costs £14)
•    Waitrose & Partners British Wagyu Beef Ribeye £69.99 per kg (average 200g steak costs £14)
•    Waitrose & Partners British Wagyu Beef Fillet £79.99 per kg (average 200g steak costs £16)


For further information please contact the Waitrose press office at ZPR on 02072875006 or email Waitrose@z-pr.com

Notes to Editors
* Wa (Japanese) and Gyu (Japanese for beef)