Vegan sales rise at Superdrug as Veganuary kicks off The Year of the ‘Veganish’

Superdrug celebrated veganism in 2018 with the launch of its Little Vegan Pop Up shop in London, and 1,000 health and beauty products suitable for vegans. 2018 saw vegan beauty hit the mainstream with more and more brands taking the decision to change formulation to become free of animal derivatives.

Sales soared for vegan products in 2018 with sales of vegan labelled products rising by +300 per cent since 2015, and a 60 per cent rise in 2018, as customers rushed to snap up vegan products.

Superdrug has long been a champion of vegan beauty and five years ago launched its B. Collection which has grown to include skincare, makeup, men’s grooming, gifts and beauty accessories – all 100% vegan.

More and more customers are asking for vegan products, and Superdrug predicts that Veganuary will be more popular than ever before.  Veganuary happens every January, and is a month where people switch to a vegan lifestyle – generally this is a chance for omnivores and vegetarians to try being vegan.

The experts at the brand predicts that 2019 will be the year of the ‘Veganish’ – those people who choose vegan food, drink and beauty products where possible for health and lifestyle reasons, but wouldn’t label themselves as a ‘proper vegan’.

Gemma Mason, Superdrug head of customer experience said: “This year more and more of our customers are choosing products which are vegan.  Even if they don’t live a totally vegan lifestyle they want to ensure the products they put on their skin don’t include animal derivatives.

“We have long been a place where vegans know they can come and shop, and now as more and more people take conscious decisions about the products they eat, and use in their daily routine.”

At Superdrug during January* customers will find special offers on products including a chance to buy any B. Skincare product and get a second free, and choose a B. Makeup product and choose a second half price.  A specially designed unit will also appear in stores in January, and online customers can search to find vegan options easily.