TV’s best-known former burglar turned security expert Michael Fraser teams up with Halfords

With keyless car theft becoming an increasing problem across the UK we needed to do something different to position Halfords’ widest ever car security range.

Step forward Michael Fraser, former burglar turned security expert. He is the man everyone turns to for comment on all topics relating to burglary and general crime and we thought he would work well for this activity too.

After talking with several contacts on newsdesks to understand what content they would likely feature, we worked with Michael to produce a two minute film advising motorists on the five most common mistakes they make that leave them vulnerable to car theft and what they can do to prevent themselves becoming a target.

Michael’s insight and Halfords products proved a hit with the online press, with coverage secured so far across The Sun Online, Mirror Online, Express Online, Independent Online and over 100 regional titles all featuring Halfords video and extensive branding and links. The activity helped drive over 3,000 visits to the car security landing page.

Take a look at the video below!