The Original Factory Shop Sets Aside Priority Hour For Older Shoppers

Community value retailer introduces ‘Golden Hour’

From today (Wednesday 18th March), The Original Factory Shop announces that it will set aside an hour each day for its older customers to come and do their shopping when shops are at their quietest.

The community value retailer announces that it will give older customers exclusive access to all its stores from 8.30am-9.30am from Monday to Thursday, until further notice.

The ‘Golden Hour’ will run across all 167 stores nationwide and aims to help The Original Factory Shop’s older customers who are worried about the situation feel safer in its stores and pick up the essential items they need.

Emma Fox, CEO of The Original Factory Shop, comments: “For the last 50 years, our shops have sat in the heart of local communities and we are working really hard to continue to look after our customers. We are continually monitoring the situation, staying close to the advice from the Government and ensuring we are doing the right things, while looking for additional ways that we can help.”

“By offering our older, more vulnerable customers an exclusive ‘Golden Hour’ we hope to make them feel safer in our stores. We do ask that during these times, our other loyal customers respect this and support our older customers by allowing them to pick up the essential items they need.”


You can’t buy The Original Factory Shop products online so you can only get these deals by visiting one of The Original Factory Shop’s 167 stores across the UK:

For further information please contact or 020 7287 5006