– Superdrug reveals sales of concealers and nude nail polish soar as Meghan Markle becomes a beauty icon –

From her fresh faced skin to her immaculate nails, Meghan Markle is becoming the number one beauty icon for Brits. Since her elegant entrance into the Royal family, it’s clear that fans of her look are copying not only her fashion choices but also looking to copy her beauty routine.

Meghan is known for wearing minimal makeup shunning the popular full coverage makeup seen on stars such as Kim Kardashian. Superdrug has seen a shift in product sales as this fresh faced look gains more fans. Concealer now leads the way as the number one base product in Brits beauty bags, Superdrug reveals concealers are the top three bestselling makeup products with a massive 36 per cent increase in sales compared to last year.

Meghan’s freckles are her beauty trademark, and now fans all over the country are using brow pencils to recreate the looking applying sprinklings of faux freckles over their nose and cheeks. The best tool to create the Markle Freckle is an eyebrow pencil. Celebrity makeup artists and influencers are also tapping into the trend, and Pixiwoo and InTheFrow have created tutorials teaching their followers how to recreate the freckled look.

Royals are expected to wear their nails neat, clean, and groomed at all times. Since being spotting wearing Essie Ballet Slippers in her official engagement photos and on her wedding day, Superdrug has seen a 57 per cent increase in sales of this polish compared to pre-Meghan. It is thought The Queen has been wearing this signature shade for 28 years.

Sarah Gardner, Superdrug Head of Beauty comments: “Meghan Markle is known for her effortless and minimalist makeup look which is driving sales of concealers, nail polish and even brow pencils. The Duchess of Sussex portrays a more attainable and natural beauty which is causing our customers nationwide to snap up these beauty items to replicate her look.

“For the first time concealers are outperforming beauty staple foundations proving that Brits are opting for a more understated look in comparison to the heavily contoured looks sported by the biggest reality stars on social media.”