The Gift That Hits The Right Note With Young Women




Modern Muse, the charity working to raise aspirations, smash stereotypes and shift social expectations by showcasing female role models via a unique online community, celebrates its fundraising collaboration with Mantra Jewellery.  This unique treble clef necklace has been designed by the charity’s Youth Ambassadors working with the experts from Mantra Jewellery who create meaningful pieces designed to uplift and inspire, drawing on the power of words combined with the beauty of jewellery.

This unique Sterling Silver necklace will be available from Monday 17th December, priced £30, with 25% of the selling price going to the charity.  The mantra created by Youth Ambassadors from the charity represents the idea that young women should be encouraged to be themselves and find their own voice in the world.


Youth Ambassadors from Harris Academy in Bermondsey took part in a creative session to brainstorm ideas for the mantra – the phrase itself.  The girls shared how they felt as young women in education, and some of the issues and barriers they face.  They focused on wanting girls to have confidence and self-belief, and having the courage to go out in to the wider world.  The mantra ‘Find your melody, sing your song’ came out of the workshop and the idea of a treble clef either as a cut-out symbol design, or engraved onto a disc, came out as strong ideas for the actual jewellery piece.  The treble clef visual (pictured above) was the favoured route.


Modern Muse Ambassadors at Harris Academy Bermondsey say: “As Modern Muse Ambassadors we got the chance to work with Donna and Jo. Jo talked to us about her company and what we thought was really important. We brainstormed lots of ideas and we all liked the idea of it being linked to music, because music is important to all of us. We came up with the slogan Find your melody, sing your song because everyone is unique, and everyone has their own song to sing.”

The necklace will be sold on the website  and would make the perfect gift this Christmas for young women, at the same time as benefiting a good cause.

Jo Stroud, Founder of Mantra Jewellery says: “Mantra Changes Lives is our initiative to work with charities to create jewellery to raise funds, show support and build awareness for important causes.  We worked with the young women to create a mantra that links to the Modern Muse cause, and then designed a beautiful piece of jewellery to bring it to life.  Our latest partnership with Modern Muse hits exactly the right note as it’s dedicated to smashing barriers for young women in education, to open their eyes to all the diverse opportunities in the world of work.”

The charity, Modern Muse informs girls and young women about the working world.  They use the site to get career inspiration and advice from Muses and the companies they work for. Muses are women from a variety of backgrounds who share an insider’s view of their day-to-day work lives.

Through Modern Muse the girls can explore subject choices and where those choices may lead. The Modern Muse platform provides them with:

  • An insight into the Muses’ responsibilities, career paths, and the subjects they studied
  • A view of what it’s like to work where the Muses work
  • A one-stop shop for career opportunities at a variety of companies

Modern Muse’s vision is to change lives through knowledge; by being the hub for career inspiration and advice.

Donna Robertson, Director at Modern Muse, said: “Raising aspirations and empowering girls to make informed career decisions by showcasing a diverse array of female role models is what Modern Muse is all about. This unique piece of jewellery is a symbol for young girls everywhere looking to find their voice in the world of work.  It is a perfect gift to raise funds for our charity, but also to raise awareness of the issues young people face as they get ready to find their way in the world. Being designed by young women is in line with our unique ‘led by girls for girls’ approach and keeping girls and young women at the heart of all we do, ensures we stay relevant to our audience. We are eternally grateful to Jo Stroud, the Founder of Mantra, for choosing to work with us on this project.”