• Underwear as outerwear revealed as the worst fashion trend of the past 10 years
  • Leggings voted the best trend of the 2010’s

The last decade has seen its fair share of fashion highs and lows, from bumbags making a comeback, to ‘ugly’ chunky trainers taking the nation by storm more recently, one online retailer has revealed the best and worst fashion trends of the last 10 years.

Fashion and homeware brand JD Williams polled 1,000 Brits to review fashion’s biggest hits and misses of the past decade. Taking the top spot as worst trend of the last 10 years was underwear as outerwear, a style which has recently seen a fashion revival thanks to celebrities such as Madonna, who took the look to extremes, as well as Helena Christensen who opted for sheer, basque styles paired with jeans.

Perspex shoes came a close second with a quarter of Brits voting it as their biggest fashion fail, a trend embraced recently by the likes of the Kardashians and a host of other celebrities. Ripped jeans came third as the worst trend of the past decade, followed by the Onesie in fourth place.

At the other, comfier, end of the scale, leggings were voted as the best trend of the last 10 years with more than a quarter of votes from Brits. Perhaps unsurprisingly, leggings were favoured by more women than men, with 33 per cent of women voting it as their favourite trend vs only 18 per cent of males.

Ripped jeans (20 per cent) took second place, followed by Boyfriend jeans (14 per cent) and the slip dress (13 per cent) in fourth place.

JD Williams spokesperson Suzi Burns said: ‘It’s been an interesting decade for fashion, the boom of social media over the last 10 years has undoubtedly played a part in helping certain styles take off so widely.

“It was initially a surprise to see that leggings took the top spot for best trend of the last 10 years, I guess as a nation we prefer comfort over glamour.  However, they are due a revival for 2020 – so it might be time to dig them back out of the wardrobe. Pair them with a smart jacket to keep the look stylish.”


The UK’s best 10 fashion trends of the past decade (in order)

  1. Leggings
  2. Ripped jeans
  3. Boyfriend jeans
  4. Slip dress
  5. Onesie
  6. Cold shoulder tops
  7. Crop tops
  8. Boyfriend blazers
  9. Statement necklaces
  10. Chokers


The UK’s worst fashion trends of the past decade (in order)

  1. Underwear as outerwear
  2. Perspex shoes
  3. Ripped jeans
  4. Onesies
  5. Socks and high heels
  6. Ugly trainers
  7. Boilersuits
  8. Cycling shorts
  9. Wedge trainers
  10. Pyjama style