Our Values

Our ten commitments guide everything we do internally and externally, our morning huddles, our flat structure and the way we don’t wait for our clients to challenge us, we challenge ourselves and each other every day to deliver PR that makes a difference to the business. The results and the feedback from our clients speak for themselves.
Work Ethics
We are committed to a policy of total honesty in our relationship with clients and endeavour to inspire trust among all those within whom we have dealings. PR
No bullsh*t. ZPR
We take a very serious view of our client's confidentiality. It is the bedrock upon which our valued relationships with our clients are built, and is integral to everything. PR
Your secret's safe with us. ZPR
Our strategies stem from an innovative, issues-based and culturally-relevant bank of brief-aligned, conceptual, on-message thinking. PR
We create s*!t-hot campaigns. ZPR
Achieving each campaign's objectives is always our goal and the benchmark against which, ultimately, our overall effectiveness will be judged and evaluated. PR
We don't just hit targets, we smash them. ZPR
As far as we are concerned, there is just one acceptable benchmark, and that is the very highest. We would regard it as a dereliction of our duty to offer anything less. PR
Only the best will do. ZPR
in order to best determine our clients' objectives, we aim to continually strive to take the long-view an have pledged to a heads-up strategic plan with regular key briefings on unscheduled, yet positive event activity, going forward. PR
We plan ahead, so all surprises are nice ones. ZPR
Throughout the entire PR process, our clients are kept completely up-to-speed with event/campaign micro and macro activity, in the form of diarised, milepost-scheduled contract and feedback report documents. PR
We keep in touch. ZPR
Fortune favours the bold. Therefore we are forthright in recommending the braver option wherever feasible and certainly never baulk from sharing a few home truths with our clients. PR
We tell it how it is. ZPR
We like to describe ourselves as a delivery-centric, active relationships management organisation whose raison d'être is to develop synergies and relationship value to best deliver results, and we remain 100% focused on this ethos. PR
We care about our clients. So we never let them down. ZPR
We sincerely believe in transparent accounting practices when it comes to quoting costs and involving our clients for the many services we provide. PR
No third party mark-up ZPR