Manchester City Will Be Crowned Premier League Champions Based On Fans Optimism

  • Ladbrokes “Voice of The Football Nation” research reveals Man City fans are most optimistic for the season ahead with Spurs fans amongst the most pessimistic
  • Survey finds West Ham United and Newcastle United fans are the most pessimistic
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers fans are the most disillusioned with VAR

Ahead of the new football season, Ladbrokes has commissioned a “Voice of The Football Fan” survey, conducted by Perspectus Global polling 2,000 Premier League club fan’s on their feelings on the upcoming season; quizzing 100 fans from each of the 20 clubs.

Supporters of each Premier League club were asked by Ladbrokes (on a scale of one to 10) how optimistic they were about their team’s prospects for the season ahead. The survey results saw Manchester City fans pip Liverpool for top spot in terms of their optimism for the new campaign, while Wolves’ fans earned a Champions League spot for their positivity.

The optimism of Sheffield United fans isn’t surprising after their great 2019/20 season and came fifth, ahead of Arsenal and Manchester United.

Despite being given an insight in to the inner workings of Jose Mourinho and company in Amazon’s recent All Or Nothing series, Tottenham Hotspur fans are amongst the most pessimistic Premier League fans according to the Ladbrokes research, placing them fifth from bottom in the optimism table. Even more pessimistic are the fans of West Ham United and Newcastle United which saw them in the bottom two in the table.

So VAR so good?

The Ladbrokes “Voice of the Football Nation” survey also asked the Premier League football fans for their thoughts on VAR, and a remarkable 27% of those polled said they wanted VAR to be scrapped completely

Only 21% of fans said they were happy with it to continue in its current form, with 40% saying it worked well in the main but there are areas for improvement. 12% accepted VAR was here to stay but needed a complete overhaul.

When it comes to each Premier League club’s supporters, Wolves fans are the most anti-VAR with 33% of them saying they wanted it scrapped, following a season that saw some excruciatingly tight calls in games against eventual champions Liverpool. 32% of Everton fans also felt they had seen enough of VAR.

Leeds United fans, back in the Premier League, are more positive, with only 22% saying they would like to see it go.


Jessica O’Reilly of Ladbrokes said  “Whilst not surprising to see Manchester City and Liverpool fans come out on top as the most optimistic for the season ahead, it is great to see Wolves fans so bullish about their club. What is most surprising is how negative Spurs fans are about their chances this season despite Mourinho’s show-stealing performances in Amazon’s new All or Nothing series.”

“It is interesting that more football fans want VAR scrapped completely than left unchanged, although the majority want it to remain but be improved.”


VAR opinions- full results:

**Results according to a survey of 2,000 Premier League football fans by Perspectus Global