Introducing a new category in evidence-based nutrition.
A powerful formula to enable people to feel balanced and at their best. 


LYMA, the ultimate supplement. Prices start from £149 for one month’s supply.

LYMA is the ultimate supplement that is restoring balance to the health and fitness industry. LYMA is not a vitamin pill, it is the ultimate supplement. Its evidence-based approach is taking preventable ageing from 20th century pharma to 21st century pharmaco-nutrition.

LYMA is the antidote to the stress of modern life. A one-stop solution to feel more energised, rested and radiant, to live a more balanced life. Its formula was created by global leaders in science and nutrition with a mission to unlock human potential, regenerate and empower people to feel their best.

LYMA’s DNA is made up of seven of the finest, peer-reviewed, patented ingredients. Taking the wellness consumer beyond the capabilities of a healthy diet and lifestyle, to give better sleep, more energy, improved skin and restore a mental and physical balance.

“LYMA is taking preventable ageing from 20th century pharma to 21st century pharmaco-nutrition and its evidence-based approach has changed the supplement industry. LYMA’s balanced team of leading scientists and nutritionists have over 100 years’ combined experience. We only use the best, proven, peer-reviewed ingredients. With LYMA, you not only have access to preventable ageing, you can start to reverse it with a performance-driven formula allows people to feel their best. That’s what makes LYMA the ultimate supplement.” Dr. Paul Clayton, PhD – Director of Science, LYMA

The LYMA formula meets the highest standards. Each patented ingredient takes nutrients beyond the capabilities of ‘organic’. Powered by the best science, to offer outstanding delivery systems, stability and efficacy once ingested. LYMA’s ingredients have up to four times the absorption of generic supplements, meaning the body is able to absorb these nutrients faster, and at a deeper cellular level.

1. KSM-66 Ashwagandha. 600 mg. Powerful adaptogen to bring life back into balance.
2. Cynatine HNS. 250 mg. The ultimate in bioavailable keratin for outstanding beauty benefits.
3. Cognizin. 250 mg. World leading nootropic without stimulants.
4. Lycored Lycopene. 30 mg. The best antioxidant carotenoid to help protect against urban life.
5. HydroCurc. 250 mg. 100% bioavailable curcumin for powerful cellular performance.
6. Wellmune. 250 mg. Powerful beta glucans to provide immune support which keeps you feeling on top of your game.
7. K2Vital 75 mcg. Essential nutrient to unlock better longevity, bone health and endurance.
8. Vitamin D3 2,000 i.u. Clinically dosed for the best immune and muscle function.

“I founded LYMA after a tough labour left me with septicaemia. I felt so rundown for such a long time, and really needed to get back to my best. I’d been prescribed lots of vitamins and supplements, but they had very little impact on how I felt – none gave me the balance I was looking for.”

“Being a journalist, I began to investigate the supplement industry. That’s when I discovered how little testing goes into these products, and I truly felt there had to be a better solution – a supplement that was backed by real science and balanced by the needs of real people. That’s how LYMA was born, and since then it’s always been my goal to help people feel their best and unlock their potential; to create the best supplement through the careful blend of science and nature.”

“We spent two years researching, sourcing and perfecting the best balance of proven ingredients. They are backed by over 200 peer-reviewed clinical studies, and that’s something we’re really proud of. There really is no better feeling than feeling your best.”
Lucy Goff – Founder, LYMA

The LYMA journey takes customers on an educational voyage of discovery. As a supplement regime created to unlock human potential through every stage of adult life, LYMA subscribers are regularly informed of the changes that will be taking place inside their body at cellular level. This data is based on a balance of the best peer-reviewed scientific evidence and knowledge from leading global experts in pharmaco-nutrition. Through education, we unlock feelings of confidence, power and enable LYMA members to feel their best. This is the LYMA advantage.

LYMA’s handcrafted copper vessel was designed with balance in mind. Combining the beauty of the purest copper, the power of its antibacterial properties and essential health benefits, providing the best, balanced environment to house the LYMA formula.

A LYMA starter kit costs £199, includes a month’s supply of LYMA’s formula and a hand-crafted copper vessel to ensure the daily dose of four pills is housed in the best environment. LYMA monthly refills cost £149.

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