Bringing the ethical workings of a country farm to life, virtually…

This October, we were proud to bring together a panel of ‘clean sleep’ experts and media to celebrate the launch of the UK’s first traceable wool bedding with Woolroom’s through a virtual breakfast event. As part of Woolroom’s ‘Clean Sleep’ campaign, press was given an exclusive presentation about Woolroom’s partnership with Woolkeepers to develop the traceable wool sourcing model and the benefits – both for a better night’s ‘clean sleep’ and the ethical treatment of the sheep behind it.

The expert panel comprised of Chris Tattersall, Clean Sleep Environment Expert at Woolroom, Adam Hirst, Head of Digital at Woolroom and Ali Atkinson from Woolkeepers. Wool suppliers Billy and Kate also joined the virtual panel from their farm on Quantock Hills in Somerset with a very special guest appearance from their sheepdog

The event was a great opportunity to engage key media and delve into the details around the benefits of wool and the science of ‘clean sleep’, and discuss the ethical and quality assured platform provided by Woolkeepers and what it entails for farmers and their animals. As well as hear more from the farmers themselves about the workings of a conscious farm that ensures best practice for animal welfare.

Ahead of the event, guests received a tailored bedding package, allowing them to experience the clean sleeping environment and very benefits of traceable wool discussed during the event. The bedding was deliveered with the traceable QR tag to transport them to farms and the sheep that helps them to ‘clean sleep’.  They also received a copy of the ‘Clean Sleep’ Report which outlines the science of clean sleep, the traceable wool supply model and the findings of Woolroom’s research that emphasies the importance of ‘clean sleep’ for better health and wellbeing.

Guests also received a bespoke breakfast hamper tailored to the theme of ‘clean sleep’ from Dish Delish including pastries, juices and fruit to enjoy!

The event was hosted on the platform Zoom on Thursday 8th October 10am – 11am with a total of 20 attendees from national and interior titles.

The virtual event saw 20+ social media posts with a total reach of 59,430