The Boardman bike range has just gone electric with the launch of three electric bike models – a men’s and women’s hybrid e-bike and an adventure e-bike.

At the heart of each of bike is the lightweight 4.6kg Fazua Evation Drive system, a hidden, integrated motor capable of producing 250 watts of power assistance and 60Nm of torque.

It uses a combination of torque, speed and cadence sensors to closely monitor pedalling and feed in power smoothly when it is needed most, stopping instantly when the rider stops pedalling.

Each bike needs just three hours to charge and offer assistance for 56 miles while on ‘breeze mode’, the lowest of three levels. Each setting can be accessed from the handlebar remote control, which also displays the battery charge levels.

 While on the move, cyclists can access the FAZUA app to assist their journeys and provide detailed feedback on training and your bike.

Product features and benefits of the app include:

  • GPS navigation and tracking
  • A speedometer
  • Technical overview including the state of battery
  • Interact and share data from your rides with friends
  • Summary, analyse the collected data after your ride in detail


Chris Boardman says: “Be it to head out on tracks and paths or getting to work, e-bikes have captured peoples imagination are here to stay, they simply put a smile on your face. E-bike technology though has evolved very quickly and not all of the early starters were reliable enough or aesthetically pleasing, so we spent a long time investigating which system to utilise to ensure Boardman customers have a great experience. In the end, the Fazua system was an easy choice. I’m happy to add the the HYB -E and ADV-E bikes to the fleet and I’m looking forward to seeing the new bikes out on the roads and trails, giving people a fun experience and another reason to make cycling a part of their lifestyle.”

If riders decide they don’t need any assistance, then the battery and motor can be removed and replaced with a separate cover, meaning they can ride their e-bike just like a normal bike without any extra weight penalty and no extra resistance.


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