We all know the new year is a time many kick off new habits, not least embracing more vegan lifestyle habits with the dawn of Veganuary.

With British home hair care and colourant brand Knight & Wilson offering a 100% vegan product range, it’s easy to make vegan-friendly choices when it comes to your haircare. The brand is also 100% cruelty-free, with no ingredients tested on animals. No animal derived ingredients are used, with synthetic alternatives* used for traditionally non-vegan ingredients.

With a wide range of salon-quality permanent and semi-permanent hair colourants, toners and hair care, it’s now easier than ever to embrace veganism in your hair habits.

Hero products from the Knight & Wilson permanent range include:

PurePlex Home Hair Repair Treatment – £12.99
A revolutionary hair repair system which protects and against damage and breakage caused by overbleaching and styling, as well as rebuilding the hair’s natural structure. The treatment will restore strength, suppleness and volume and hair will look and feel significantly healthier.

The Pureplex range also includes Shampoo and Conditioner (£7.99 each), Pureplex Cream Bleach (£12.99) and Pureplex Blonde Whitening Mask (£9.99).

PurePlex Bond Reconstructing Colour Cream – £7.99
A permanent colour in 13 nourishing shades, this range of ultra-conditioning hair colourants contains nourishing Shea Butter and Argan Oil and PurePlex’s Aminofix technology to restore damaged hair.
Colour Freedom Vibrants – £6.99
A unique professional formula boosts colour penetration for beautifully even, radiant results that fade in 6-10 washes. It can be mixed with the Colour Freedom Pasteliser to create exquisite soft pastel tones. Available in a bold range of traffic-stopping shades.
Colour Freedom Metallic Glory – £7.99
Colour Freedom Metallic Glory is a permanent hair colour range, using a unique professional formula that creates a distinctive metallic shade that can darker and remain permanently. Infused with Shea Butter and Argan Oil which nourishes, protects and adds natural shine for healthier, more vibrant and tonal colour.
Colour Freedom Blondes – £8.99
A new addition to the Colour Freedom family, this is a bleaching range used to lighten and tone. Featuring toning masks, lightening colours and toners. Unique and professional quality products combine supreme lightening technology with gentle conditioning formulations.


* PurePlex Bond Reconstructing Treatment and Conditioner contain Hydrolysed Keratin, and Colour Freedom Cream Bleach and PurePlex Cream Bleach contain Cera Alba (beeswax), both of which are entirely synthetic and not of animal origin.


For more information please contact colour-freedom@z-pr.com

Colour Freedom is the professional home hair colour range from leading independent hair brand Knight & Wilson, founded in 2015. The brand includes three ranges of Vibrants (13 shades), Blondes (three toners) and Metallic Glory (17 shades) as well as a Cream Bleach and a Pasteliser for use with the Vibrants range.

Other brands from Knight & Wilson’s include Style Freedom, encompassing 17 styling products, and PUREPLEX, the first home hair repair system featuring True Plex Technology.